The Profitable Practice Podcast

Recapping the Top 10 Episodes Part 3 [Ep #202]

July 6, 2021

In this episode of the Profitable Practice Podcast,  we are celebrating a huge milestone: 200 Episodes!! So we are recapping the Top 10 Episodes to date in a 3-Part series!!

PART 3: Modernized Marketing ( Modernized Strategy, Learning how to Sell Yourself and Do Social Selling) 

I am so so so grateful to have made it to this amazing milestone! Thank you to YOU for going on. this journey with me!

This episode is breaking down the highlights from the following 2 podcast episodes and an honorable mention episode (#79, #136, and #127). This is all about crazy modernized marketing essentials and all the things that you absolutely should be leaning into.

Each snippet is about 10min and we've broken down the starting point below so jump back and forth as you need



[0:48] Introduction and context for today’s episode – 202nd Episode

[4:06] Episode # 79: 5 Biz Strategies to Seriously Grow Your Practice

[13:47] Episode #136: “Test & Perfect” Your Way To A 6 Figure Practice in 12 Months: Interview with Dr. Alicia MacPherson

[23:41] My final statements and takeaways. 


After You’ve Listened To The Episode, I Would **LOVE** To Hear Your Thoughts!

One of the best parts of any episode I record is getting to discuss the topic with you! So let me know your thoughts wherever you get social on the net, IG, FB, or email me – wherever!

Thank you for listening and learning with me on the podcast this week. Your commitment to improving the business aspect of your practice matters... Not only to you, but to your future patients and practitioners who want to be working with you. You were meant to help and heal people, so let’s get to work. 

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