Create Your Editorial Calendar: Interview with Jessica Pantermuehl, NTP, CHHC - PPP: 051

May 6, 2017

Some of the questions I get most frequently are: how do I send a newsletter out? How often should I be sending it? How do I create content? What are the best ways for me to get patients into my office? Today Jessica and I will be talking about all of those things, especially when she gets into her editorial calendar where she breaks it all down for you so you know exactly what to do. There will be no questions, no excuses. You can just get things done, get out there and start reaping the benefits.

Jessica Pantermuehl is a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Holistic Health Counselor based out of Los Angeles, where she serves as the head of nutrition counseling for an integrative medical practice and works in private practice. After years in practice, intimately familiar with the challenges that a practitioner faces in running their own business, Jessica established the Holistic Entrepreneur Association, an organization that provides business tools and resources to nutrition-oriented health professionals. With members now in 18 countries, the HEA offers free weekly resources such as interviews with successful practitioners, shareable social media content, and tutorials on marketing and business management.


This week the sponsor is my 7 Day Detox Program. It's a complete done for you program that walks you through everything you need to do to create either an in-office or an online program, depending on where you are and what you do. This program comes with all of the emails, scripts, protocols, and everything I do. I actually do this program with almost every single new patient and out of everything I do in my office, I get the most repeat business with my 7 Day Detox.

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Questions I Asked Jessica:

  1. What are common fears that people have when they're starting their business that you've seen?
  2. How have you walked people through some of those fears so they can move on and grow their business?
  3. How should someone go about getting people onto their list?
  4. How frequent should someone send their newsletter?
  5. Can you share what your editorial calendar is and how you use it?

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tips Jessica has on selling yourself.
  • Why every business owner can benefit from having a newsletter.
  • The importance of having a list that is active and engaging, over having a large list.
  • Why Jessica believes in narrowing your target audience for your newsletter.
  • How often to give away free content, and how often to sell on your newsletter. 

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